Thursday, April 27

Archives: Ordering a Subway sub

A guide brought to you by one hungry student.

So, if you're like me, and one of the only reasons you get up in the morning is for food, then you might head to Subway for lunch and get say... a 6" Italian BMT on hearty italian bread with pickles, olives, jalepenos and lettuce, with bbq and mayo sauces to finish off with and maybe double cheese if you're in the mood.
A grand total of £2.60 or £2.80 if you opted for the cheese (you fat bastard).

Well ordering all that is fairly straight forward, but the key thing is this; how much of the extra salads are you really getting?

After countless mornings/lunchtimes spent ordering sandwiches, I have come to realise there is one perfect way to get whoever is behind the counter to pile on a ton of whatever the hell you want on your sandwich besides the main filling.
This secretive but effective technique goes as follows.

Firstly, when you go in, make sure the queue is fairly small or non existant. This is so they don't overly rush your sandwich.

As you walk up to the counter, give them a nice warm smile (stop imagining me doing it. stop it right now.) and ask for the sandwich you want in a nice and friendly way while keeping it polite.
Next comes the salad bit, but the key here is making it appear you're in a rush.
Don't ask me how, figure that out for yourself, but the reasoning behind this is (and this is where the smiling/being polite comes in) if they're forced to rush your sandwich they're likely to either put too much or too little on.
Now we're aiming for the too much which is why it was important you made them like you when you were first walked in.
And there you have it, a slightly messy but hopefully rather well filled sandwich for the same price.

Course this might not work as well as it does if the local Subway here didn't go through new staff every week for some god unknown reason, but whatever.

Oh and guess what, someone hurt their arm glomping me (sucker).

Wednesday, April 12

Archives: Mai Otome

It has to be said.
I really didn't want to watch Mai Otome because I wasn't exactly a fan of Mai Hime, but I got a bit bored recently and decided to obtain the whole series.
I mean, even if it was utter crap, at least the soundtrack was done by Yuki Kajiura (if you know me you'll know I'm a crazy fan of her work), and the music she did for Mai Hime was the one redeeming thing for the original series as far as I was concerned.

And the point? well, I have to admit I liked the series. A lot too.

Not because of their half assed attempt at fan service or the cheesy (to the extent of just plain stupid at times) fighting, but because of the characters, character development and the way the overall story wove together as the anime progressed.
Nothing original here, but it was done (extremely) well for a change and it was nice to see.

I won't do a synopsis cause it'd be hard without spoiling things, but basically it's a sequel to Mai Hime but in an alternate universe setting, so the characters are only the same in appearance (although they kept their major personality traits intact for the most part). The only reason I said it's a sequel is because you can tell you were meant to watch the original first to really appreciate a lot of the aspects in Otome.

For the record, it has the feel of a kid's show a lot of the time, and lot's of people think it was a terrible anime. Shoot me.