Tuesday, November 7

Archives: Random Japan Facts

Facts about my trip in Japan so far:

Random fact 1: I've eaten more raw fish since I've been here than any other meat combined.
Random fact 2: Japanese food isn't filling so I keep eating so much that if I wasn't going to the gym so often I'd look like a giant cushion.
Random fact 3: My room looks like... well it looks like an accident.
Random fact 4: I've been pretending not to speak English when tourists ask for directions.
Random fact 5: My chinese name is written on the side of oolong tea boxes/bottles. Go figure.
Random fact 6: I fell off my bike and into a bush which turned out to have cash in it. Go figure.
Random fact 7: I accidently punched a patient with a canular box. Go figure.
Random fact 8: I dunno how to get a haircut properly here cause my Japanese is patchy, so I guess I won't be getting one.
Random fact 9: Powdered green tea, red bean paste and whipped cream flavour Kitkats are the nicest things ever created by man.
Random fact 10: Never, ever order the large size beer for just yourself in restaurants.
Random fact 11: I can sing the Titanic theme song better than I can sing Green Day.
Random fact 12: General formula for working out a Japanese person's age (between 10 and 40) from their looks, take a guess and double the number, then subtract 5. For example, if they look 10 they're 15 and if they look 40 they're probably about 75.
Random fact 13: Related to the above, I've been told by a drunk nurse that I look over 25. Joy.