Friday, August 25

Archives: Return from HK

So I'm back.

Yep, got in 6am this morning.

I was gonna do a quick summary of my trip but... instead, I'm going to moan about the flight home.

Well before the flight itself, there was that whole terrorist crap so we thought we weren't allowed hand luggage. Then we were told we weren't allowed eletronics, and in the end it turns out everything was actually normal for our flight.

Then on the actual flight, it was one of those fun overnight long haul trips where you're in a seat surrounded by kids.
The kids that have screeching contests all night long and mothers which gave up trying to keep them quiet and just sat there pretending they were asleep.
Not that anyone in the cabin was really asleep though, as you could hear the constant sighing and shuffling around in seats - and as if sleeping in a cramped chair wasn't bad enough, the crying and screaming made me wish at one point in the night that the plane would crash and put us all out of our misery.
To help things along though, the woman in the seat behind me liked getting out of her seat every hour for this 12 hour flight, and in the process she managed to eliminate any remaning chance of me falling asleep by elbowing the back of my head rest on the way out, sending my face fowards and dangerously close to slamming into the reclined chair infront, complete with hard tv screen.

But yeah, wasn't so bad.