Sunday, October 12


I have moved my blog over to here.

Go figure.

Thursday, January 3

This blog is now officially...

... still on hold.

I just don't feel like writing, although I was just eating shrimp crackers and I remembered someone, so here's a one off nugget of updates.

Had a party at Xmas, was fun. Expensive cream cake and alcohol don't mix.
Went and visited Harajuku and it's Meiji Jingu shrine over New Years for the countdown and stuff. Was packed like a giant tin of sardins.

Haven't been doing much lately. Considering dropping bajiquan and taking up kyudo again though.
These days my activities consist of learning korean in my spare time, and a lot of piano.
School starts on the 9th, and my trip to Takayama was cancelled cause my friends here aren't really of the same quality as the ones I had back in UK.
I won't complain though, you win some you lose some.

Oh and on a completely different note, I got the most awesome Christmas present from someone, but they know who they are.
This is a public note of thanks.

That's it....

...wait, can't end my blabber without a word about the weather.

It's cold.