Friday, May 18

Denno Coil - Initial Review

Episodes watched: 3 of ?

A new and highly anticipated anime for the summer.
Interestingly weird, yet undenyably cute and charming. I can see myself watching this.
Idea's definitely a relatively fresh one. Reminds me of Serial Experiments Lain without the emo.

Initial review pending after I watch more.

No disappointments here.
After watching 2 more episodes I can confidently say this is going to be a promising series.

The setting in which the events of this series takes place is a pseudo modern world, looking identical to our own on the outside, but a closer look will reveal the technology behind what is really a world engulfed by computers and cyberpunk themes.

The story revolves around a schoolgirl girl named Yasako, and her adventures after returning to her childhood home.
As usual, not all is as it seems, and she begins to find that this place is far from your average city.
With her ability to see "augmented reality" using her special glasses (Denno Megane), Yasuko finds herself increasingly entwined with the stranger side of life in Daikoku city.
With the odd looking giant red antivirus softwares patrolling the streets, free roaming viruses known as illegals terrorising cyber pets that innocently wander the backalleys, and a mysterious group of youths who claim to hail from the Coil Denno Detective Agency, all this sets the premise of an anime that just refuses to blend in with the crowd. And this is just the beginning.

Animation is top notch, and as I mentioned before, theres something very charming about this anime.

Verdict: Excellent

Initial Rating: 9/10 - Recommended

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quinny-kin said...

happy birthday :]

you talked about your birthday but you never mentioned when... so i assume it was the 16th. Well I hope you enjoy being older.

yay for weird anime. the more important question is it randomly funny? wow summer in May.