Tuesday, September 18

Status Update

Stress. Ooooh, ahhhh.

Everything is still hanging rather thin, and I can already see myself running through the streets of London in the early hours of the morning on Thursday with several suitcases and narrowly missing the plane and dying in a mass of documents and unsigned papers after collecting a visa from a certain unreliable embassy building which doesn't answer phone calls.

Well that's the worst case scenario anyway.
Far more likely is that my suitcases will repeatedly get stuck in the Tube barriers, I'll end up losing something important, the embassy will be closed for no reason and the trains will probably be late. Add some rushing around into the mix, along with the fact that I still may very well miss the flight.
Wait, this is actually about the same. I forgot to say it's still in the early hours of the morning.

All this happening while my (badly packaged) stuff is sitting at home cause they won't take it without a commercial invoice (read: I have to sell my stuff to myself before they'll take it through customs cause they wanna tax me poor for no reason).

I'm going to be a nervous wreck before term starts and I haven't even left the country yet. Assuming I actually end up leaving at all.

S'all good fun though, I'm expecting more to go wrong.

I'm ranting cause today was just one of those days, and the following weeks' forecast reveals a repeat of bad everything.

Edit: Blog anzeigen? What the hell is that? Did someone randomly screw up the languages, cause I was half expecting Blogger to blow up in my face and lose my whole post, just to fall in line with everything else that's crashing down around my ears.


quinny-kin said...

*prods yin's post* *waits for implosion*

quinny-kin said...

*prods yin some more*