Thursday, September 6

The Escape: Updates 2

Shipping my stuff is going to cost around £300-£600. Decided to go with UPS cause they're the most straightforward, reliable and fast without having too many restrictions. The best part is I can do it all online.

After booking my flight I remembered I needed to have them somehow use my ANA mileage club number so I can accrue mileage, but of course statravel doesn't feel like responding to my emails.
Cheap is cheap, but they have to have some kind of customer service, right?

Had an ink stamp for my chinese name ordered too, but that's gonna take weeks to arrive.

The books I made for the holiday photos from Rome are now printed and shipped.

I've given up on renewing my passport, I'll do it in Japan.

Table booked for next Monday's meal.

...and that's about.

Oh and I've started adding more to my book.

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